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Directory of Services

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Information Center

  • Assistive Technology & Hearing Aids

    Devices, products, services, and other technology to help people who are deaf, hard of Hearing, or deaf blind communicate and live independent lives.

  • Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

    Diagnosing and treating hearing and speech, hearing tests, and speech therapy. Professional standards for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists.

  • Crisis Services

    Advice and Support for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind who are experiencing crisis.

  • Deaf-Blind

    Information and Resources for Deaf-Blind individuals and Deaf People with Low Vision.

  • Education

    Information about public schools by county, about non-public schools, postsecondary schools, and State government agencies concerned with education.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety

    Information about emergency preparedness and other life safety issues.

  • Employment

    Accommodations for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind people in the workplace and information on employment issues.

  • Health Care and Medical

    Information on healthcare, medical needs and services, and hospitals.

  • Independent Living Services

    Programs and services that support independent living for deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind individuals.

  • Infants, Children, and Youth

    Resources for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind children: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI), recreation and sports, extracurricular classes, support groups, summer camps, programs for teenagers, and family activities.

  • Interpreters, CART/Captioning, C-Print, Typewell, and Cued Speech

    Information on various modes of communication used by people with hearing loss, interpreter/CART/transliterator referral services, and effective communication responsibilities and resources.

  • Legal and Self Advocacy

    Information on legal rights of people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind, ADA issues, discrimination complaint process, offices and organizations that provide advocacy services, and tips for self-advocacy.

  • Behavioral Health (Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities)

    Information about mental health, substances abuse, residential services, employment services, and state agencies related to behavioral health.

  • Organizations

    Information on various organizations, including advocacy agencies, state and local organizations, entertainment groups, faith based community services, hearing dog training, parent support groups, professional organizations, social organizations.

  • Senior Citizens and Aging

    Age-Related hearing loss, elderly care options, and issues facing older deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind people.

  • Sign Language Classes

    Organizations and schools offering American Sign Language (ASL) classes

  • Tax Information

    Videos produced by the IRS on various tax administration topics in American Sign Language (ASL) with voice and captions.

  • Telecommunications

    Telephone and wireless communications options for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind, as well as products, services, and communication techniques.